Hello, I'm Reginald. I'm a Consultant & Community Organizer.

My tenure includes working in many capacities of state and local government and as a devoted public servant.  I have also been involved in leading city, county and state initiatives including lobbying for health and human services.

Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With


I Specialize in Writing Policies and Procedures

For over a decade I have has been involved in foreign policy exchange missions with countries such as Brazil, China, Germany, South Africa and Turkey.  In the past decade I have traveled to over 20 countries in counting. 

Business Development

I help businesses identify inherent risk in every decision. I use risk audit methods, risk management plans and proven strategy for business development. 

Governmental Affairs

I help businesses and minorities navigate the application process for industry certifications ranging from SBA 8A, DOT, HUBZone, GSA and several others. 

Finance Consulting

I represent a diverse spectrum of lenders, hedge funds and private investors. I also help with special-purposes acquisitions (SPAC), IPO and asset monetization. 

Jonathan Fox

Founder of Badak

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About Me

I Will Help You Strategize, Connect, Execute

In an era of disruption, strategy is just as important than operating capital. I offer evidence based approaches and solutions that have helped dozens of companies across a variety of sectors develop and execute effective strategies.

As a professional negotiator and experts when it comes to advice on critical deals, refining or preparing contracts, I also offer deal coaching which includes rehearsal scenarios and objection techniques. 

I can also join the meeting or conversation as part of your team. My consulting practices and immediate network includes finance strategy, business management, research science, public private partnerships, urban planning and many other disciplines. 

As an industry leading professional with a network of talent no project is too complex. I measure my success by the success of my clients. 

Career Milestones


Anne Maria

Lead Director of Candy & Co.

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